Sylvain Haekens en Jitske Verwimp

Head ZOL Talent Center and Talent Coach

Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg

“Maddy has been a regular trainer at our hospital for over 20 years, delivering leadership programs in both the health and non-health sectors. She has also facilitated many coaching programs at both individual and team level.

The expected learning objectives for leadership programs are defined together before the start of the program. With targeted adjustments from both sides, these are usually achieved.

Maddy has her own personal approach and style. That is nice to experience, because it makes the impact unique. Not just twelve out of a dozen.

Having worked in the hospital for over 20 years, Maddy knows the organisation inside out, which is a great asset in most coaching cases. From this perspective, working with Maddy on a long-term basis is definitely an asset. Connections are being made, issues are being proactively discussed and addressed. The people are familiar with the coach and the coach is familiar with the people, which is a definite plus.

As a talent center, we are delighted to highlight Maddy’s talents and skills:

  • Maddy asks the right questions, questions that make you think. She thinks with you, not for you.
  • She dares to confront.
  • She helps you to look at a situation objectively.
  • She is attentive and listens carefully.
  • She is open and honest.
  • She makes the step to coaching human.

Why Maddy? She is an inspiring lady, who pays attention to the individual and the group, who makes sure that the result of the coaching is concrete tips and tools that enable you to start yourself. That is very valuable!”