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My spirit

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery”

– James Joyce

The spirit of Impact Coaching

I take people into another world so that they can see new realities. I also help them to dare to step into that new reality, into that change. Mistakes are essential building blocks of these developmental processes and the gateway to discovery and growth.

The spirit of impact coaching is determined not only by what I can do, but especially by who I am.

  • Open, honest and authentic
    • From a connection, I confront you and call things by their name.
    • All coaching conversations and business information are strictly confidential.
  • Client and results driven
    • I work based on a relationship of trust.
    • I want our shared trajectory to make a real difference.
    • I follow the direction of the trajectory, even if it requires adjustments along the way.
  • Collegial and team-oriented
    • I support you and jump in where needed.
    • I am enthusiastic and give positive feedback.
  • Tailor-made trajectories
    • Every question is different, so your trajectory is customised.
    • Based on an in-depth conversation.
  • Entrepreneurial and proactive
    • I see“More than meets the eye”: the question behind the question, the problem behind the problem, blind spots in leaders…
    • I help you see the not obvious things too.
  • A place in the green
    • My oasis in Bierbeek near Leuven: Greenyflow.
    • Creativity flows faster in the tranquility of green.
    • Price and catering to be discussed based on the size of the group.