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Your questions

Creating and generating IMPACT together

Impact Coaching is the name of my business. But I don’t generate that impact alone. As the image above suggests, it happens in a collaborative effort: true co-creation. Through connection and dialogue, we create a tailor-made approach. Together we discover and realise new realities so that you, as a leader, have more impact on your world.

Most of the questions I am asked are about change: personal change as a leader, change in team culture and atmosphere, a new way of looking at leadership in your organisation…

  • As a leader, you want to develop your leadership skills because you think it would be good, or in response to a satisfaction survey or 360-degree feedback exercise in your organisation.
  • As a leader, you are faced with a team that is not functioning well: results are not being achieved, the atmosphere is not good, there are conflicts… You want to work on the culture of trust.
  • You want to develop a shared leadership vision for your organisation with all leaders involved: How do we want to treat each other and our people? How will we inspire and motivate them? How will we work with them towards a common goal? The result is a leadership profile for your organisation.
  • You want a 360 degree feedback exercise for yourself or for all the leaders in your organisation. This means that each leader receives feedback from relevant stakeholders based on the developed leadership profile.
  • Certain strategic changes in your organisation are difficult to achieve. You want to work on the culture of the organisation with the various stakeholders. What kind of culture do we need in our organisation to make the changes happen? How do we get there together?
  • You are highly gifted and you struggle to use all your talents and find peace of mind.
  • You feel uncomfortable as a leader because what the outside world says you should do is not who you are inside. You feel a struggle between your head, heart and soul in your personal or professional life.