Peter Van Brusselt

Logistics Director

UZ Leuven

“The collaboration with Maddy and UZ Leuven goes back to 2021, when she was engaged to coach the organisational development process of our technical services. This trajectory had started in 2019 and was practically stalled at the time of her involvement. Maddy worked mainly with the leadership team of the technical services department. This included a focus on developing the collective and individual competencies of the members of the leadership team. As a result, this team was able to make a go-ahead and, with Maddy’s guidance, build content in interaction with the rest of the department. This process is far from complete, but it has now gained a momentum that is allowing progress to be made.

Maddy brings a broad background to all of this, which allows her to break new ground when needed. She puts things in a professional and clear way for participants and clients. In doing so, she builds trust which allows her to make the necessary progress.

To her clients, she is someone who drives for results, not someone who prolongs an assignment. She makes sure that she has the right collaboration with other professionals on her assignment, so that their specific knowledge is integrated into her approach to the trajectory and the scope of the assignment can be supported.

I therefore look forward to continuing to work with her on this and possibly other trajectories in the future”.