Peter Hermans

Human Resources Director

UZ Leuven

“Due to her pioneering work in the sector, Maddy Swinnen knows the inside of a healthcare organisation like no other. She works in full connection with the participant and the client within the agreed context towards pre-defined objectives.

In her characteristically structured way, she leads the participant to insights about existing leadership competencies. Starting from the individual’s strengths, she explores the extent to which developmental progress can be made. Her strength lies in her authenticity and fairness, with clear commitments to be made on behalf of the participant. Maddy gains the trust of every participant and client. She achieves great results in management teams or larger groups where social interactions are exposed.

In the open communication she creates, the issues are clearly identified and each party always knows what their personal to-do’s are at each moment of the process. Her strong process analysis and clear personal feedback work particularly well in facilitating both individual decisions and policy choices for the client”.