Koen Quintelier


“As a passionate VRT employee, for many years I was very ambitious to improve results in my technical area. My manager seemed to be someone who often put the brakes on because of broader strategic considerations, or so I felt. Over the years, however, there was a lot of noise in our relationship, on both sides. Over time, we redirected our personalities towards the frustrations we were projecting onto each other.

That’s when Maddy came in. Maddy quickly managed to create a click in our minds. By looking for the other person’s positive qualities, my manager and I quickly came to an understanding: “Of course we are both good VRT people, with our hearts in the right place, with a rock-solid ambition to make the best of it with the resources available!”

Maddy knew how to find the right entry point for both of us, how to set out together on a journey where we would find each other at the next crossroads. Thank you, Maddy, for your excellent guidance: although I no longer work for that manager, we now speak at least once a month; we have found each other to talk about VRT, our expertise, the future, the pitfalls we each face… Our relationship is better than ever.

I wholeheartedly recommend that any company contact Maddy for mediation or coaching projects. She is an expert in the field, has great psychological insight and knows how to find the right entry point. Are you a technician, a hyper-rational person or just someone who comes from nothing but emotion? She finds you, she does it!”