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Why walk if you can dance?

Awareness Development for Senior and Middle Managers

Program 2023

Our world today calls for leadership that allows everyone to “dance” in a direction that benefits the whole and everyone involved. This ‘dance’ of leadership requires an awareness of your own development as a leader and as a human being.

Why is this important?

As leaders we want to make a difference. We want to create a vision and develop a strategy to achieve it. We want to align the organisation’s structure and culture with that strategy. Finally, we want to engage people at all levels and help them develop to realise these ambitions.

But all this is easier said than done.

So if you ask yourself:

  • How to (continue to) involve people in change?
  • How to, as a leader, find a style that works and suits you?
  • How to translate the change into tangible results and embed it in daily operations?
  • How to best manage the different expectations of the various stakeholders involved: your management, your employees, your customers, the unions?
  • How to position yourself even more as a coach in your team and organisation?
  • How to achieve a deeper (possibly ethical) reflection in your team or organisation?
  • How your own ‘way of being’ affects each of the above?

If these are the questions you are asking yourself, and if you want to develop them together with a group of other leaders, then this program is definitely for you.

This program aims to bring together leaders and support them in their own development. We are thinking of the following profiles: senior managers, directors, middle managers, … with at least 8 years of professional experience.

With a small group of leaders, we explore leadership in its various dimensions and engage in reflection and dialogue on what this means for us as individuals. We deepen our learning through our own integrative process model and work with concrete cases and practical exercises. We share our own development process in a safe and inspiring learning environment. Participants will continue to reflect between group days, put their learning into practice and feed back to the group in subsequent meetings.

Integrative process model

Libraries of books have been written about what to do to make a difference as a leader, about leadership styles, roles, behaviours, competencies… In the Integrative Process Model, we see leadership as a process that can emerge in any circumstance, from within ourselves and in collaboration with others. At the source of leadership is awareness and self-regulation to arrive at an inner ‘generative state’ from which we can make a difference. So, this program goes a step further by including you as a human being.

The diagram above shows the different elements, which can be thought of as movements in the leadership dance and which also form the basis of the program. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Practical information

We offer an intake session to explore together what the program can do for you. The program will then run for six days (three Fridays and three Saturdays, to be determined between September 2023 and February 2024), with informal terrace moments in addition.

These group days take place at the following location in the green near Leuven:

Groot Park 19C bus 1, Sint-Paulus building, 3360 Bierbeek

If you are interested in participating and would like to know more about the practical details and pricing of this program, please do not hesitate to contact us ( or ; 0473-490568 or 0494-356913).

Bio Sven De Weerdt

Sven De Weerdt is passionate about awareness, consciousness and quality of life and how to support people in this through the power of encounter. He is a connecting and thoughtful person who radiates calm in personal contact or in contact with groups. As a result, working with him automatically leads to co-creating or co-shaping reality.  He has a PhD in Psychology (KULeuven, 2003) and lectures at UHasselt and in the Open Border MBA (HEC Liège, UHasselt and FH Aachen). Sven coaches teams and facilitates leadership development at UZLeuven. He also has a practice as an independent facilitator of learning and development processes in the field of self-care, personal leadership and cooperation. He is also a meditation teacher and the author of four books, including Cocreatief leiderschap (with Yves Larock) and Levenskracht, zelfzorg en persoonlijk meesterschap. Sven loves writing as a form of slowing down and integrative thinking, walking in nature and a pinch of sport.

Bio Maddy Swinnen

Maddy is over 50 and young at heart. An enthusiastic, warm person who loves to connect with people. She has worked for over 25 years in a complex, changing world where leaders are trying to find their path. Helping people grow is at the heart of her life. Her own development as a person and leader is always integrated into her work. She has a Masters in Work and Organisational Psychology and a Masters in Business Administration, which, together with her experience, help her to choose appropriate methods in her work. She has also completed several coaching courses at home and abroad and is a certified core talent analyst with Coretalents. Maddy loves singing, theatre and dance performances, travelling, going out with her daughter, fine dining with like-minded people and conversations about the meaning of life.